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The most TERMS frequently used on the internet

In Internet terms - In an Internet network surely we will find a variety of terms that may not yet understand . It's good that term we need to understand in order to avoid confusion when using the Internet ( online ) . Maybe there among the readers who do not understand what the browser , chat , cache , and much more variety of foreign words that we can meet .

Maybe a lot of people are searching the internet terms and functions , and the usefulness of the term or meaning . and others . Therefore , the following is a list of terms in the internet that might be an additional insight for those who do not understand some of the terms that exist on the internet .

1 . Chatting is a facility within the Internet to communicate with fellow Internet users who are on-line . Communication can be either text or voice ( voice chat ) .
2 . Browsing is traced directly to a particular book collection of books lined up on shelves . To be able to do this activity with precise and fast , the user must understand first systematic formulation of the library collection
3 . Teleconference is a meeting held by two or more persons who do pass through telephone or network connection . The meeting can only use voice ( audio conferencing ) or use a video ( video conferencing ) that allow conference participants to see each other . In the conference is also possible to use the same whiteboard and each participant has control over it , also share an application . Products that support teleconferences over the Internet is the first issued by Microsoft NetMeeting .
4 . Download is the transfer of data over a digital communications path of a larger system or pu sat ( host or server ) to a smaller system ( client ) . opposite of downloading is uploading .
5 . Spam refers to the practice of sending commercial messages or advertisements to a large number of news groups or emails that actually do not wish or are not interested in receiving such messages .
6 . Mailing List is the Internet E-mail facilities , where users dafat enroll in a list of shipping E - mail to a particular topic , so that users will automatically get sent e - mail every member Mailing_List Manager , .
7 . VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) is another name for internet telephony . See Internet telephony .
8 . E - coomerce (electronic commerce ) business transactions are carried out with the help of online computer network . The transaction is the seller and the purchase of goods and services as well as payments made past the digital communication . The technologies used include the Internet and electronic data interchange ( EDI ) .
9 . E - mail (electronic mail ) is an electronic message sent from one user's computer to other computers . E - mails can be sent through the local area network ( LAN ) or the Internet . If the first , the data is sent only in the form of text , now with e - mail can contain images , sound , and even video clips .
10.Browser is the abbreviation for the term Web Browser . A browser is a program used to access the World Wide Web ( or the Internet ) , and other facilities . Currently there are a number of popular browsers , like Internet Explorer , Netscape Navigator , Opera , and Mozilla
11.ASP ( Active Server Pages ) is a specification to create dynamic Web pages using ActiveX script . When the browser opens an ASP page , the Web server makes a page with HTML code and sends it to the browser .
12 . FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) is an Internet protocol used to copy files between computers .
13 . Admin : same as the user but has higher precedence , where as the administrator of a computer network ( including the Internet ) , or interactions such as chat programs , he is entitled to set the conditions that exist in the network and the program . He has the right to accept and reject users who want to join the network and the program .
14 . SEO : It is the terms in the Internet which is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization , which means optimizing a website is to reach a good position in search engines .
15 . SERP : It stands for Search Engine Result Page , which means the results pages of search engines , for example, pages 1,2,3,4 and so on .
16 . Attachment: The following is a facility on a good e-mail program computer program . or webmail , which can be used to transmit files , or images , which in ikutsertakan on e - mails that will be sent .
17 . AVI : is a type of video file format developed by Microsoft Corp. . which can be downloaded via the Internet , the number of file size is quite large , and the picture and sound quality are quite good .
18 . B to B e - commerce : Business to Business E - Commerce is commerce or electronic transactions conducted on the internet between the holder of a business , whether the institution / agency or company with the holders of other good business institution / agency or company as well .
19 . B to C e - commerce : Business to costumers E - Commerce is commerce or electronic transactions conducted on the internet between the holder of a business , whether the institution / agency or company with the user or consumer Internet service users .
20 . Bandwidth : The size of the ability of a network to transfer data in a certain range , the unit of banwidth is Mega Bytes per Second ( Mbps ) or Kilo Bytes per Second ( Kbps )
21 . Banner : is media information in the form of image / picture to display ad on a webpage .
22 . Cache Folders : or called temporay Internet Files folder is a temporary storage area files from certain websites webpages that have been downloaded from the internet by webbrowser program , to further display to the user . This is to speed up the WebBrowser displays webpages from the website .
23 . CC : Carbon Copy is a destination address for sending e - mails in addition to the primary destination address ( TO) .

24 . CGI / Perl : computer language used to create interactive programs within a webpage . Developed by computer users of UNIX / LINUX .
25 . Chat : are terms in the Internet which acts as a program that is implemented in a computer network ( including the Internet ) that is used by the user to send and receive messages in the form of writing ( typing ) in realtime ( ideally no waiting time ) .
26 . Chatting : special terms that are used to interact in chat programs .
27 . Client : is a computer that is in charge of receiving the data and information that has been processed by the server that is required by the user . Client usually controlled / used by a user .
28 . Cookies : is a small file that is stored in the cache folder of a webbrowser program , which is used for tagging data or profile of the user , if the user enters the website re- visit. And also does not require the player to run .
29 . Dial - Up : is a type of internet connection by using the telephone network .
30 . Dial - Up Networking : network facilities that are owned by the Microsoft Windows operating system that can be used to connect the Dial - Up , the network connection , either a computer network or the Internet , using the telephone network facilities .
31 . Domain name : is a special and unique name that is used for naming a web site on the internet .
32 . Blog : It is a site owned by a person to share information or for profit . Unlike the case with the web , blogs do not have to use a Top Level Domain . Examples of service providers is the best blog Blogger .
33 . Internet Marketing : Is the terms in the internet to do business with internet activities , such as selling online , running various advertising programs to achieve money through the virtual world .
34 . E - mail : or elektronic mail or electronic mail is a program that is implemented in a computer network ( including the Internet ) that is used by the user to send messages in the form of writing ( typing ) or images to other users inside or outside the computer network . Users can also receive (receive e - mail ) , reply ( reply e - mail ) , and forward ( forward e - mail ) to other users .

35 . E - Commerce : Electronic Commerce is a term used to denote the trading or banking transactions electronically on the Internet , both Business to Business E - Commerce and Business to Customer E - Commerce .

Internet world does have a lot of terms that we need to understand that no confusion about one of the wonders of this technology . By reading the information in Internet terms above may be able to increase our knowledge and avoid stuttering technology such thing . So this time information about the terms Internet and means that you can share Espilen Blog . May be useful .

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