Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to install Computer using USB bootable tool?

Today I want to install a computer of friend. so I must have CD software windows to install computer right. but I have another problem, my friend dont have a CD-ROM. OMG! so I must find another way to install computer.

So, I found another way, this is it. I have Flashdisk and found software called "RUFUS: usb bootable tool". thanks to this software so I dont need asking How to booting from USB anymore. just run software download from Rufus site, if you afraid that not a true link, just find from google about rufus bootable tool.

after runing program just like this :

just make sure in Create a bootable disk using : iso image. located your iso file. example if you wanna install XP, make sure you have iso file from xp OS.

and click start, waiting until finish.
its magic, now you ready to install XP from your flash disk.

thanks for coming here.

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