Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to make a File Exe with Winrar or NSIS?

There are two way to create the file . Exe ( executable ) namely :
1 . Using WinRAR ( WinRAR Download here )
2 . Using NSIS ( Nullsoft Install System ) ( NSIS Download here )

Here are the steps to create a file . Exe :
A. WinRAR :
1 . Collect multiple files into a folder and enter
2 . Open the folder , block all files in the folder and right-click
3 . Click " Add to Archive ... "
4 . Tick ​​/ Check "Create SFX Archive "
5 . Then you can modify it by adding a licensed installer , etc. ..
6 . Click ok if it is , and will make the archive ..
7 . Archive / installer will be stored in the same folder ..

1 . Download NSIS [ For those who have not had ]
2 . To make the installer is also required WinRAR ..
4 . Enter multiple files into a folder [ such as how to create with WinRAR ]
5 . Block all the files and right click
6 . Click " add to archive "
7 . Check Zip
8 . ok
9 . Click the " Installer based on Zip file " in NSIS
10 . Click Open and select the Zip file before
11 . Setting Installer wrote under that name , Path , etc. .
12 . click OK
13 . Done !
A. WinRAR :
( + ) Easy to understand and time is short
( - ) Memory that in the compressed bit [ eg : 100MB becomes 99.15 MB ]
( + ) Memory which compressed quite a lot [ eg : 100 MB to 99 MB or less ]
( - ) The time is long ..
Done ... Easy right
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How to install Computer using USB bootable tool?

Today I want to install a computer of friend. so I must have CD software windows to install computer right. but I have another problem, my friend dont have a CD-ROM. OMG! so I must find another way to install computer.

So, I found another way, this is it. I have Flashdisk and found software called "RUFUS: usb bootable tool". thanks to this software so I dont need asking How to booting from USB anymore. just run software download from Rufus site, if you afraid that not a true link, just find from google about rufus bootable tool.

after runing program just like this :

just make sure in Create a bootable disk using : iso image. located your iso file. example if you wanna install XP, make sure you have iso file from xp OS.

and click start, waiting until finish.
its magic, now you ready to install XP from your flash disk.

thanks for coming here.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Function F1 - F12 key on keyboard?

In today's modern era of computers and other sophisticated equipment is already familiar , some of you may be working or playing in front of a computer all day . But did you know about the function of each key on the computer keyboard ? suppose is the F1 , F2 , F3 and F12 hingaa . Actually, if we know all the functions of the keyboard buttons will facilitate us in operating computers . as an example if you want to change the name of the file or folder will be easier to use than the F2 key must right-click to rename it as an example but there are many more functions from F1 to F2 button that will accelerate us in operating computers . The following functions of finite F12 F1 key .

1 . F1
Normally this button is used to call the help file of a software or application .
Win key + F1 would open the Microsoft Windows help and support center .

2 . F2
For in windows can be used as a shortcut to rename a file or folder .
The key combination Ctrl + Alt + F2 is used to open a new document in Microsoft Word .
Ctrl + F2 displays the print preview window in Microsoft Word .

3 . F3
Often diguanakan to open a search feature for many programs including Microsoft Windows .
If you are working in MS Word or others can use CTRL + F or search for a file in windows can use Win + F
Shift + F3 will change the text in Microsoft Word into uppercase (capital ) or lowercase ( small letters ) or a capital letter at the beginning of each word .

4 . F4
Opening the window .
Repeat the last action performed in Word 2000 +
Alt + F4 will close the program currently active in Microsoft Windows .
Ctrl + F4 will close the open window within the current active window in Microsoft Windows .

5 . F5
Perhaps the most popular this button to reload the page in the browser to refresh and display windows
. Open the search window , the replacement of the word in Microsoft Word .
Starts a slide show in PowerPoint .

6 . F6
Move the cursor to the address bar in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox .

7 . F7
Usually used to check spelling and grammar ( spelling ) in Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Word , Outlook , etc.
Shift + F7 Thesaurus checks on the highlighted word .
Tsobat turning on Caret browsing in Mozilla Firefox .

8 . F8
Function key used to enter the Windows startup menu , commonly use to get into Windows Safe Mode .

9 . F9
Opening Measurements toolbar in Quark 5.0 .

10 . F10
On Microsoft Windows is used to activate the menu bar of an open application .
Shift + F10 is the same as right-clicking on a highlighted icon , file , or Internet link .

11 . F11
Full-screen mode in the web browser .

12 . F10
 Opens the Save As menu in Microsoft Word .

Ctrl + Shift + F12 prints / print a document in Microsoft Word .
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What Ping meaning in Command Prompt (CMD)?

Ping stands for Packet Internet Groper , a utility application that is provided by Micosoft windows which functions as a network connection with a probe -based Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol ( TCP / IP ) , a more complete understanding please look at wikipedia . The function of the program is to test whether ping one computer to another has been connected in a network / not with sends a packet of data to another computer .

The workings of ping is to send an IP datagram to a host who will then receive a reply / response form of round trip time . In the process uses ICMP messages and ping echo reply . Below is an example of what I do ping between computers :

Definition , Function and Explanation PING on Command Promt
click image to enlarge

The purpose of the experiment and the results of the ping above are :

# Pinging with 21 bytes of data : we have to ping the IP with 32 bytes of data

# Packets : sent = 4 , receive = 4 , lost = 0 < 0 % loss > , : means packets sent nothing is lost [ 4 sent 4 received ]

# Transmitted data size 32 bytes because it is the default buffer size on windows

# Function of buffers in windows is to look at the time taken to perform packet data transmission [ mean when pinged with a different host then the result will be different ]

# Then what is the purpose of a reply from : bytes = 32 time < 1ms TTL 128 ?

- TTL which stands for Time To Live , which is the maximum time from the computer when reply / reply ICMP packets or also called latency / delay . TTL on windows by default is 128 .
- Why is this limited number of TTL ? it is to prevent circular routing in the network , because it is every time the ping packet through the host's IP TTL value will be reduced by one , until the TTL has a value of 0 . With a value of 0 will discard this packet and drop the TTL expired in transit keterangn .

# The smaller the value of time and the packet loss from the ping results network connection is used the better .

Well that sense , the function and purpose of the ping in the command prompt . Hopefully the discussion of computer science this time can be understood clearly and can provide benefits to you .
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Definition of Harddisk Computer, What is Harddisk it?

The hard disk is one of the computer data storage media that consists of a collection of magnetic hard disks and spinning , as well as other electronic components . Hard disks use a flat disc called the platter , which on both sides is coated with a material that is designed to be able to store information magnetically . Platter - platter was prepared by punching holes in the center and arranged on a spindle . Platter spins at very high speed which is controlled by the spindle motor connected to the spindle . Special literacy electromagnetic tool named head mounted on a slider and is used to store information in a disk or read . Slider mounted on the upper arm , all of which are connected mechanically to a single set and connected to the surface of the disc through a device called the actuator . There was also the logic board regulating the activity of other components and communicates with a PC .

Type Of Computer Hard Drive

Disk ATA / EIDE , EIDE hard disk with the type ( Enhanced IntegratedDrive Electronic ) or type ATA ( Advanced Technology Attachment ) is the latest version of a standard disk interface sesuaiuntuk connection to the bus , Many manufacturers have a range diskdengan disk interface EIDE / ATA disk such dapatdihubungkan directly to the PCI bus , which is used in banyakPC (personal computer ) . Advantages EIDE drives / ATA yangsignifikan is the price is quite cheap , karenapenggunaannya in the PC market . One drawback utamanyaadalah required a separate controller for each drive if two drivedigunakan concurrently to improve performance . One satuprodusen famous chips already include templates to enable disk controller EIDE / ATA connected directly kemotherboard .

Disk SCSI disks have many interface designed for connection to a standard SCSI bus . The disks tend to be more expensive , but has better performance , which is possible due to excess SCSI bus than the PCI bus . Access the same can be done to many disk drives as the drive interface is actively connected to the SCSI bus only when the drive is ready to transfer data. This is especially useful in applications where there are a large number of requests for small files , which often happens in a computer used as a file server .

Disk RAID , promises great performance and provides a large and reliable storage . Disk is used both in high-performance computer , or in systems that require reliability dramatically higher than normal levels . However , with the decline in prices to a more affordable level , the disk becomes more attractive even for a computer system with size - average.

Disk SATA , SATA hard disk of type ( Serial Advanced Technology Attachment ) , the disk interface ATA ( Advanced Technology Attachment ) with the serial version uses a thin cable that has a small cable total about two-thirds of the total hard drive cable with type EIDE or ATA disks are numbered 39 pins and SATA has very high speed data transmission as well as reducing the latency . So the serial bus is capable of exceeding the speed parallel bus .

Disk SATA transfer data sequentially or via a serial cable and also developing their own techniques SATA disks connected to the motherboard without system master or slave , so the SATA cable can only be used on a single hard disk . The type of hard disk that has been discussed , all in the category of internal hard disk , meaning that installed in the CPU. In addition there is also an internal hard disk external hard drive ( hard disks that are outside the CPU ) , so it can be moved - move . External hard disk has a rotational speed of 7200 rpm , very easy installation , no need to disassemble the PC and only by connecting to a PC USB port , and can transfer data at 480 Mbps
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The most TERMS frequently used on the internet

In Internet terms - In an Internet network surely we will find a variety of terms that may not yet understand . It's good that term we need to understand in order to avoid confusion when using the Internet ( online ) . Maybe there among the readers who do not understand what the browser , chat , cache , and much more variety of foreign words that we can meet .

Maybe a lot of people are searching the internet terms and functions , and the usefulness of the term or meaning . and others . Therefore , the following is a list of terms in the internet that might be an additional insight for those who do not understand some of the terms that exist on the internet .

1 . Chatting is a facility within the Internet to communicate with fellow Internet users who are on-line . Communication can be either text or voice ( voice chat ) .
2 . Browsing is traced directly to a particular book collection of books lined up on shelves . To be able to do this activity with precise and fast , the user must understand first systematic formulation of the library collection
3 . Teleconference is a meeting held by two or more persons who do pass through telephone or network connection . The meeting can only use voice ( audio conferencing ) or use a video ( video conferencing ) that allow conference participants to see each other . In the conference is also possible to use the same whiteboard and each participant has control over it , also share an application . Products that support teleconferences over the Internet is the first issued by Microsoft NetMeeting .
4 . Download is the transfer of data over a digital communications path of a larger system or pu sat ( host or server ) to a smaller system ( client ) . opposite of downloading is uploading .
5 . Spam refers to the practice of sending commercial messages or advertisements to a large number of news groups or emails that actually do not wish or are not interested in receiving such messages .
6 . Mailing List is the Internet E-mail facilities , where users dafat enroll in a list of shipping E - mail to a particular topic , so that users will automatically get sent e - mail every member Mailing_List Manager , .
7 . VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) is another name for internet telephony . See Internet telephony .
8 . E - coomerce (electronic commerce ) business transactions are carried out with the help of online computer network . The transaction is the seller and the purchase of goods and services as well as payments made past the digital communication . The technologies used include the Internet and electronic data interchange ( EDI ) .
9 . E - mail (electronic mail ) is an electronic message sent from one user's computer to other computers . E - mails can be sent through the local area network ( LAN ) or the Internet . If the first , the data is sent only in the form of text , now with e - mail can contain images , sound , and even video clips .
10.Browser is the abbreviation for the term Web Browser . A browser is a program used to access the World Wide Web ( or the Internet ) , and other facilities . Currently there are a number of popular browsers , like Internet Explorer , Netscape Navigator , Opera , and Mozilla
11.ASP ( Active Server Pages ) is a specification to create dynamic Web pages using ActiveX script . When the browser opens an ASP page , the Web server makes a page with HTML code and sends it to the browser .
12 . FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) is an Internet protocol used to copy files between computers .
13 . Admin : same as the user but has higher precedence , where as the administrator of a computer network ( including the Internet ) , or interactions such as chat programs , he is entitled to set the conditions that exist in the network and the program . He has the right to accept and reject users who want to join the network and the program .
14 . SEO : It is the terms in the Internet which is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization , which means optimizing a website is to reach a good position in search engines .
15 . SERP : It stands for Search Engine Result Page , which means the results pages of search engines , for example, pages 1,2,3,4 and so on .
16 . Attachment: The following is a facility on a good e-mail program computer program . or webmail , which can be used to transmit files , or images , which in ikutsertakan on e - mails that will be sent .
17 . AVI : is a type of video file format developed by Microsoft Corp. . which can be downloaded via the Internet , the number of file size is quite large , and the picture and sound quality are quite good .
18 . B to B e - commerce : Business to Business E - Commerce is commerce or electronic transactions conducted on the internet between the holder of a business , whether the institution / agency or company with the holders of other good business institution / agency or company as well .
19 . B to C e - commerce : Business to costumers E - Commerce is commerce or electronic transactions conducted on the internet between the holder of a business , whether the institution / agency or company with the user or consumer Internet service users .
20 . Bandwidth : The size of the ability of a network to transfer data in a certain range , the unit of banwidth is Mega Bytes per Second ( Mbps ) or Kilo Bytes per Second ( Kbps )
21 . Banner : is media information in the form of image / picture to display ad on a webpage .
22 . Cache Folders : or called temporay Internet Files folder is a temporary storage area files from certain websites webpages that have been downloaded from the internet by webbrowser program , to further display to the user . This is to speed up the WebBrowser displays webpages from the website .
23 . CC : Carbon Copy is a destination address for sending e - mails in addition to the primary destination address ( TO) .

24 . CGI / Perl : computer language used to create interactive programs within a webpage . Developed by computer users of UNIX / LINUX .
25 . Chat : are terms in the Internet which acts as a program that is implemented in a computer network ( including the Internet ) that is used by the user to send and receive messages in the form of writing ( typing ) in realtime ( ideally no waiting time ) .
26 . Chatting : special terms that are used to interact in chat programs .
27 . Client : is a computer that is in charge of receiving the data and information that has been processed by the server that is required by the user . Client usually controlled / used by a user .
28 . Cookies : is a small file that is stored in the cache folder of a webbrowser program , which is used for tagging data or profile of the user , if the user enters the website re- visit. And also does not require the player to run .
29 . Dial - Up : is a type of internet connection by using the telephone network .
30 . Dial - Up Networking : network facilities that are owned by the Microsoft Windows operating system that can be used to connect the Dial - Up , the network connection , either a computer network or the Internet , using the telephone network facilities .
31 . Domain name : is a special and unique name that is used for naming a web site on the internet .
32 . Blog : It is a site owned by a person to share information or for profit . Unlike the case with the web , blogs do not have to use a Top Level Domain . Examples of service providers is the best blog Blogger .
33 . Internet Marketing : Is the terms in the internet to do business with internet activities , such as selling online , running various advertising programs to achieve money through the virtual world .
34 . E - mail : or elektronic mail or electronic mail is a program that is implemented in a computer network ( including the Internet ) that is used by the user to send messages in the form of writing ( typing ) or images to other users inside or outside the computer network . Users can also receive (receive e - mail ) , reply ( reply e - mail ) , and forward ( forward e - mail ) to other users .

35 . E - Commerce : Electronic Commerce is a term used to denote the trading or banking transactions electronically on the Internet , both Business to Business E - Commerce and Business to Customer E - Commerce .

Internet world does have a lot of terms that we need to understand that no confusion about one of the wonders of this technology . By reading the information in Internet terms above may be able to increase our knowledge and avoid stuttering technology such thing . So this time information about the terms Internet and means that you can share Espilen Blog . May be useful .
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The list of 12 World's Best Free Antivirus 2014

The World's Best Antivirus usually a choice for every computer user to download the virus scan found on his computer. However, not all antivirus have the right to expect quality , but it does not mean not good. Therefore, on this occasion Espilen Blog will share information on the 2014 list of the best free Antivirus in the world. The following are registered.

1 . avast!
AVAST definitely deserves to be on every list of the best free antivirus program . avast! This software was fully functional as antivirus and antispyware engine protects your PC from Internet threats , files, email , and even instant messaging . avast! Free Antivirus 8 has support for Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP.
One big reason I included avast! Free Antivirus 8 as the best free antivirus programs is because " heuristics engine " that can detect previously unknown viruses and other malware . I also like the fact that AVAST antivirus product made ​​since 1988 and is often referred to as antivirus products are most often installed .

2 . AVG
AVG is a full antivirus and antispyware tool , includes an email scanner , link scanner , scheduled scanning options , automatic updates , and much more. No need to pay for a good antivirus program is currently only download the go .
computer security
AVG works on Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP.

The amount of premium features , frequency of updates , and install- it- and - forget - it aspect of AVG Anti -Virus Free 2014 really makes it one of the best of the best free antivirus programs available today.

3 . Avira
Avira can protect your computer from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware , adware , and various other types of malware , making this a fully functional antimalware tool and certainly one of the best free antivirus program .

Avira can work on Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP. Avira also makes Avira Free for Linux.
The scope of the malware that Avira could make you safe from enough to make it one of the best free antivirus software program but the heuristics and ease of use adds value too alone . The only thing I do not like about Avira AntiVirus is the configuration you must complete after installation may be intimidating if you are a beginner computer .

4 . BitDefender
BitDefender is very easy to setup and configure, uses system resources that very few ( not slow down your computer ) , and do not continue to encourage you to upgrade to a premium presentation.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition to fully support Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP.

Sheer simplicity of Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition , both during installation and use , making it, in my opinion , one of the best of the best antivirus program for free.

5 . Comodo
Comodo is relative security computer program , which is ne of the best free antivirus options out there . Comodo to protect your computer from a number of sources of threat , just like most of the other free antivirus programs .

Comodo Antivirus works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista .

Comodo as the best free antivirus solutions almost solely because of his Defense + technology that , by default , assumes an unknown file is a threat rather than peace. Sounds like it might cause problems but Comodo Antivirus uses several technologies to make the whole process a silent but still very effective .

6 . Immunet
It is , cloud -based antivirus programs that are unique, such as Panda Cloud Antivirus and Kingsoft Antivirus. Immunet FREE Antivirus 3 protects your computer from bots , worms , viruses , Trojans , keyloggers , and spyware.

Immunet works on Windows 7 , Windows Vista and Windows XP. You should also be connected to the Internet all the time .

I think Immunet is one of the best free antivirus program for several reasons: You do not need to be updated, a telephone -based support is absolutely free , and can run with some of the best free antivirus tool rest of the list, improving your overall protection .

7 . Kingsoft
Kingsoft is a cloud - based antivirus program like Panda Cloud and Immunet . Kingsoft Antivirus keep an eye out for malware locally, now download the file , while chatting on IM , and more.

Kingsoft work on Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista and Windows XP.
Kingsoft level of program and best free antivirus , especially among those cloud - based , as well as protect you when you 're not online , offering a premium with some other cloud service . I also really liked how quickly this program seems to work .

8 . Microsoft Security Essentials
Security Essentials from Microsoft is definitely one of the best free antivirus programs available now . Microsoft is relatively new to the antivirus game but do not let that scare you - Security Essentials is a fantastic antivirus program that protects you from all kinds of malware , updates automatically , and very easy to use.
Microsoft Security Essentials ( MSE ) support Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP. Anti- malware protection in MSE is part of the built-in Windows Defender in Windows 8 devices .

Two of the biggest reasons I added Microsoft Security Essentials is a list of the best antivirus software is available for free directly from Microsoft and also because it's very easy to see if your computer is safe from the threat : if the icon next to your clock is green , you are good , if it's red , there is something wrong .

9 . Panda Cloud
Protect your computer from various types of malware threats - viruses, worms , trojans , adware , and more - like all the other free antivirus programs on this list .

What makes Panda Cloud one of the best free antivirus programs is that they do the job of the "cloud " which means the hard work is usually slow computer antivirus done on another computer on the Internet , freeing up your computer to work as it should and protect you from malware that is more better.
Panda Cloud supports Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP.

Tips : Panda Cloud try to install a toolbar and change your browser page and default search provider during the installation process . Uncheck the boxes before you proceed if you do not want them . None of the changes that are needed to use Panda Cloud .

10. FortiClient
FortiClient is an antivirus , web filtering , firewall , parental controls , optimization, ( and then some ) program that is powerful enough for a business to use. This more accurately referred to as a " threat management " tool .
FortiClient working on Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP.

Although it may all sound very complicated , especially considering that you may only have one computer you're concerned about , FortiClient really easy to setup , automatically update virus definition file , perform a complete system scan once per week , and much more , all without you should not worry about it .

11 . Rising Antivirus Free Edition
Rising Antivirus Free Edition is a free antivirus offering from the makers of the best and biggest antivirus China , Rising Software.
Rising to work with Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP.

While I doubt that Rising Antivirus Free Edition will list anyone of the top antivirus software's interface is the most interesting , it seems to be updated frequently and is easy to use .

12 . UnThreat
Offering standard malware protection , including threats by email. I find nothing too impressive about this program apart from the price ... or lack of it, I suppose.
UnThreat completed work on Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP.

For the most part, I found the installation and use of UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition 6 par with most of the best free antivirus program that I have profiled here . My favorite thing ? UnThreat not try to install additional software or toolbar during installation , so did I change your browser settings . While that should be a matter of course , did not , and that's appreciated.

That list of 12 World's Best Free Antivirus 2014. Thanks very much for reading this article . To overcome the difficulty mate the virus is in your computer or laptop buddy, hope this information helps.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Free download Flappy bird for you Android.

Do you remember flappy bird, ya flappy bird is a most frustated game from android. But I am sure most of you need to download this game because curious about feeling to play this game.
yes! I am too.. And then I bring this to you. flappybird game from android.

Flappy Bird is a 2013 bird flying game developed in Hanoi by Vietnam-based developer Nguyễn Hà Đông and published by .GEARS Studios, a small, independent game developer also based in Vietnam. It was originally released in May 2013 for the iPhone 5, then updated for iOS6 and later in September 2013. In January 2014, it topped the free category of the American and Chinese iTunes App Stores and later on that month the UK App Store where it was touted as "the new Angry Birds". It ended January as the most downloaded App on the App Store.

The objective of the game is to fly a bird (by tapping the screen) without hitting pipes. If a bird hits an obstacle, then the game is over. Each time the bird flies through a set of pipes, the player receives a point. It features Super Mario World-esque graphics, very basic mechanics, and in-game advertisements, which in early 2014, The Verge reported were averaging around $50,000 a day.

Flappy Bird was created and developed by Dong Nguyen. The character was originally designed in 2012 for a platform game, which he cancelled. The game was developed in between 2 and 3 days. Nguyen claims that no part of any of his games was designed to be impossible.

Version 1.3
- Support Android 2.2
- Fix bugs.
Version 1.2
- Bug fixes and improve performance.
- Medal blink added.
Version 1.1
- Fix high score saving.
- Force game to portrait mode.

Download here - from
Download here - from
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