Thursday, February 4, 2010

how to change unwritable be writable in joomla

In accordance with the title of this article is configuration.php unwritable, is a problem sometimes encountered in managing the website made with joomla. Incidentally today I experienced it myself that I can not make improvements or changes to the joomla global settings.

because I finally found the problem started surfing with Google, known for its speed in finding something of information and ultimately the results of my surfing led to a result so I can change the status of configuration.php to unwritable once can I change them to writable.

To find out how to change the configuration.php writable joomla to follow tips to change permissions on the following cpanel.

After finding the file, the name kllik configuration.php file and then look at the window located on the right there is the option Show the file, Delete File, Edit File, Change Permissions, Rename Files, Copy File, Move File. Because we want to change the permissions then click on Change Permissions.

then came the default configuration.php as shown in the picture below :

Change like this :
After giving a check mark or contreng an empty box, the last step is to make storage configuration.php file by clicking on the Change.

Logout from cpanel and then try again to edit and do global storage settings. Global settings can be edited and updated.

Good Luck :)

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