Monday, February 8, 2010

Showing the screen saver tab is hidden

While my blog suddenly appeared a short message on my Hanphone coming from one of our friend loyal blog visitors Computer Science Learning which was about to ask a question that occurs to the laptop.

The problems presented by him that the screen saver on his laptop missing alias does not appear in the display properties.

Problems like this myself yet know exactly what caused the problem but the truth is a screen saver may be lost due to accidentally disabled person may also own a friend who was idly toying with you. If the screen savernya accidentally or lost due to accidental by the person to return the matter was simple.
What is meant by a screen saver here is the Screen Saver tab is shown in the Display properties window is not a screen saver view or display a screen saver.

Screen Saver tab can be displayed or it can also be hidden, it is very helpful in keeping our computers not as good for people to change the settings of personal computers let alone computers. What if the screen saver is modified by someone else using the object, image or pornographic images or images that are not feasible. It's changed back to display the screen saver is not difficult, but if this will be done in the workplace by fellow idle and eventually it caught the boss can be a big deal.

In order not to get to the green table mending the Screen Saver tab to hide it. To hide or display the Screen Saver tab again please follow the following way:

  1. Click the Start menu and select Run
  2. Type gpedit.msc and press ENTER / OK to enter the Group Policy window
  3. Click the sign + (plus) on the left User Configuration
  4. Click the + sign on the left Administrative Templates
  5. Click the + sign on the left Control Panel
  6. Click Dipsplay
  7. In the right window double-click on the Hide Screen Saver tab to go to the Hide Screen Saver Tab Properties
  8. Select Enabled to display the Screen Saver tab
  9. Select Disabled to hide the Screen Saver tab (select sala one no. 8 or No. 9)
  10. Click OK
  11. Close the window Tab Screen Saver Hide Properties
  12. Close the Group Policy window
  13. Done
Easy is not how to display the screen saver tab is missing or hide screen saver tab. Good luck hopefully useful. []

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