Monday, February 2, 2015

Mikrotik New for You? better read this first!

What is Mikrotik? MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system and software that can be used to make the computer even become a reliable network routers, includes a variety of features that are created for IP networks and wireless networks, suitable for use by ISPs and hotspot providers.

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Demand for Internet access today is very high. Good to find information, articles, latest knowledge or even just to chat. The division number for the internet or commonly known in the world of networking is an IP Address has been very low, or is almost gone.

One IP Address need to do with the other IP address or subnet that is different class, it requires a process system to connect the IP Address, namely routing. Routing will create a chain of interconnected networks and the bias communicate well, and the information available in the IP Address will be obtained in any other IP address.

Device or devices used for routing process is commonly called a router. Router consists of both hardware and software must be installed in line or synchronous in order to work well. Routers can be obtained by direct use without having to install the system by using a broadband router or we can use the computer to make the router by installing the operating system or software to create a router with a record of any hardware support for the routing process. Mikrotik is one of both hardware and software vendors that provide facilities to make the router. One is Mikrotik Router OS, this is the operating system that is specifically used to create a router with a way to install it to your computer. Facilities or tools provided in Mikrotik Router Os are very well equipped to build a router that is reliable and stable.

About Mikrotik

MikroTikls [the trade name MikroTik®] was founded in 1995 aiming to develop a system with a wireless ISP. MikroTikls currently has support system with a wireless ISP for internet data path in many countries, such as Iraq, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, Ghana and many other countries.

Experience in installation in Latvia we forge with similar conditions in the countries of the former Soviet Union and other developed countries. Various development has been undertaken to date software available router operating system version 2, which guarantees stability, control, and flexibility in a variety of media interface and routing systems using standard computer as hardware. The software supports a wide range of applications ISPs, ranging from RADIUS modem pool, to the backbone with a DS3 circuit.

MikroTik located in Riga, capital of Latvia, with 50 employees. Mikrotik also run a small ISP, as a media experiment for routerOR software development.

Mikrotik Router OS

Mikrotik Router OS is the operating system linux or unix variants whose primary function for routing, the operating system is equipped with a wide range of complete routing methods. However Microtik Router OS, not an open source under the GNU body. To use this operating system we have to buy a license to Microtik. Purchase a license Microtik Router OS Microtik offered by the company, not so expensive for the standard router OS.

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