Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What Ping meaning in Command Prompt (CMD)?

Ping stands for Packet Internet Groper , a utility application that is provided by Micosoft windows which functions as a network connection with a probe -based Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol ( TCP / IP ) , a more complete understanding please look at wikipedia . The function of the program is to test whether ping one computer to another has been connected in a network / not with sends a packet of data to another computer .

The workings of ping is to send an IP datagram to a host who will then receive a reply / response form of round trip time . In the process uses ICMP messages and ping echo reply . Below is an example of what I do ping between computers :

Definition , Function and Explanation PING on Command Promt
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The purpose of the experiment and the results of the ping above are :

# Pinging with 21 bytes of data : we have to ping the IP with 32 bytes of data

# Packets : sent = 4 , receive = 4 , lost = 0 < 0 % loss > , : means packets sent nothing is lost [ 4 sent 4 received ]

# Transmitted data size 32 bytes because it is the default buffer size on windows

# Function of buffers in windows is to look at the time taken to perform packet data transmission [ mean when pinged with a different host then the result will be different ]

# Then what is the purpose of a reply from : bytes = 32 time < 1ms TTL 128 ?

- TTL which stands for Time To Live , which is the maximum time from the computer when reply / reply ICMP packets or also called latency / delay . TTL on windows by default is 128 .
- Why is this limited number of TTL ? it is to prevent circular routing in the network , because it is every time the ping packet through the host's IP TTL value will be reduced by one , until the TTL has a value of 0 . With a value of 0 will discard this packet and drop the TTL expired in transit keterangn .

# The smaller the value of time and the packet loss from the ping results network connection is used the better .

Well that sense , the function and purpose of the ping in the command prompt . Hopefully the discussion of computer science this time can be understood clearly and can provide benefits to you .

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