Monday, February 2, 2015

5 Reason why we should choose PHP Framework ~ 2015

As a PHP's Teacher, Since last year, I was often asked to teach Code Igniter. When I asked to prospective students, why should use Code Igniter? they replied he does PHP coding faster than usual and has many features making it easier for programmers. They say because the Code Igniter supports MVC and various kinds of answers that are similar.

As a pure PHP Programmer, PHP usual I feel that is much faster and easier than use PHP framework. Why? because I have many years of coding in PHP. If I was asked to create a program with PHP Framework or plain, I assure you I would sooner make PHP Ordinary.

Many students or new Programmer smitten with the name of the framework with the lure already MVC, OOP, easy and fast in its software development. All the above statement is true if and only if you master frameworknya. Now suppose we want to create a program and it took one month of regular PHP, then we try to load the program with CI in which we are still studying frameworknya. Approximately, you are sure to get faster framework? obviously not. You just need 2 months to complete the program because they have to learn the framework first, and only after you understand making program.

Back to the topic, what is the excess of the Framework? The answer is actually already know a lot, but usually in theory, eg MVC, OOP, support AJAX, validation, internationalization, Template Engine, ACL, Event driven, ORM, supports push and Pull and so on. But now I ask, you try to explain its respective? drunk right? Now you ga drunk because already mastered the theory and its MVC Framework, now re-program coding you ever make with your newly learned Framework. I'm sure Drunk squares. But once again, if you are already good at OOP, MVC understand and have mastered frameworknya, I actually dared GUARANTEE PROGRAM WILL FINISH FASTER !.


Here is a shortage of PHP frameworks in terms of regular PHP Programmer. This shortage is subjective, please choose wisely!

Need more server specifications.

Usually framework need PHP version 5 +, specific modules such as mod_rewrite apache or mod_pdo, there is even a framework that requires placed in the root directory of the server. Some are specific need was developed on Linux.

Much to be learned

The many features of the framework comparable to the number of things you should learn. Object oriented pogramming The first, second and third MVC is a library of the framework itself. Not to mention you have to understand the configuration and conventions that should be used in the framework.

Security issues

In general, the Framework has been providing security features in it. However, if found security holes, you must upgrade the framework that you use in your application. Effects streak, the code that you create must also participate in the modification.

The total file size becomes larger code

When the program is finished, you also need to upload your application in the framework together Webhosting effect, the space that used to be larger. Other effects, if any files are corrupt or missing framework, it will make an application error.

Hard to keep track of Error!

I've studied and CI Yii framework. Very many features provided, but when there is an error code, I have trouble finding it. different from ordinary PHP to quickly find and fix errors occurred. Yii framework even more sinister again when displaying error with models like the java stack. Please try it yourself if you do not believe it!

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