Monday, February 2, 2015

4 ways most easy to download video From youtube 2015

"heii hapit, can you give me choice how to download video from youtube"

hei man, that whats child's play. lol.
actually I dont know how to download video from youtube, really I meant it *giggles*
here I have 4 ways to download video from youtube.

here you go :
1. Download Video with

this very easy way for you the lazy one, why I said this. because you dont need install any program in your computer, very easy right? just put "ss" at the first link on youtube video and you will direct to the site.
exp : and then you put right in the
or... you can go the and manual input link from youtube. actually not only from youtube but from other site as well.

2. Download Video with its same with savefromnet, but its little bit diferent because you cant put "SS" on youtube link. you must go to site and put link manually.. I know you the most lazy people will choose option 1. haha.

3. Download with IDM (internet download manager)

this is easy too, because you just way to pop up IDM on youtube video and you can download easily. but you must install IDM first in your computer, and you know you can find IDM in google as well. dont be lazy ya, because you need little bit move your hand and your brain, just kidding :p

4. Download from your Computer's Friend.

lol, this is really work. I just download all video from my computer friend with my HD external. haha.
dont be mad or so seriously because you will got to much stress :p

anyway I hope this is make you happy to visit my blog. thanks mate :)

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