Monday, February 2, 2015

I got error problem "3f1 or 30f1" harddisk SATA, what next?

"Sorry you have problem with the harddisk, your computer will shutdown in ....94%"

at the moment I just thinking my computer have bad sector, but when I try to go boot setup there is an error called "Error 3f1" or many people from internet have problem with "error 3OF1". first think I check in google but there is no help or something I can do.

I just try pull in and pull out the cable hope some miracle happen and my hard disk work properly.
and.. sh*t happen, my harddisk.. ohh noo.....

I shocked, I dont know what to do. and.... some miracle happen.
I found the way to fix problem harddisk error 3f1 .. some voice from heaven said.

"kid.. you can buy new harddisk, this money and go to computer store, if you force you laptop like that.. your brain will be burn"

nah... thats not voice from heaven, thats my brother. because if I still force my laptop, maybe my laptop will be broken too..
most people from internet have error 3f1 from their HP laptop, coincidence maybe I have HP laptop too.. my laptop is HP too.. COINCIDENCE!!

thats my fault too, because in last years I rarely shutdown my computer, that because I using windows 8 that have "fake" shutdown. then I decide to not shutdown my computer andd... finally this is happen.

oke if you have same problem with me just buy new harddisk, but down throw away your old harddisk, maybe still work as slaved.

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