Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Booting From CD-Rom change BIOS Setup

Once the software installation on computers made by using the floppy, but this time was much different that using the compact disk (CD). Cd can be stored in many kinds of programs and drivers.

Because now all programs are stored on the CD then the boot process must also be through the cd, but the problem is setting the BIOS (basic input / output system) to the default state does not lead to a cd rom boot, so there are still many who do not know how to change the boot order in the BIOS so the CD is the first priority when booting.

To enter the BIOS menu different way someone using DEL key is using the F2 function key and others are using a variation of 2 key on the keyboard, but it can be seen in the bios first read and seen on the monitor.

If the boot process too quickly, so you do not have time to read or even press the button to enter the bios then you should press the Pause / Break on your keyboard to pause the boot process, this is done so that we could read the instructions that can be done to get into Hereinafter in the BIOS menu.

In this article we use the DEL key is more common today.
Initial steps to enter the BIOS menu is blaming a computer, by pressing the computer power, note the blinking lights on the keyboard then press the DEL key multiple times with the intention that you are not late pressing the DEL.

Once inside the BIOS menu menu note Advanced BIOS Features option, there are First Boot Device option. Drag the cursor and place it on the First Boot Device selection and do a boot media by using a plus sign (+) or minus (-). Because at this time we practice to boot using the cd then choose the CD-ROM as first boot media.

The next step is to click Esc on your keyboard to exit the BIOS menu Advaced Feature and primary human return to the BIOS. From the BIOS main menu select Save & Exit Setup and then select Y (yes) and press Enter to exit the BIOS menu and do Booting.

Now your computer will always read the cd-rom as the boot process on your computer that you made the change, if you want to restore booting from the cd-rom to your hard disk, then step into the same setupnya BIOS and change the First Boot Device to Hard disk.

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