Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Hide Drive Computer? Check This Out

There are many ways to secure data is not easily found by other computer users. Let's say there is no data in the form of photographs or documents for adults who do not deserve shown to the children would have to hide it so as not easily be found by the children. The father of a laptop may be used by the children but of course there is a limit not to the father discovered the secret of all.
Frequently used way is by protection of file or folder by giving password, but this way is still considered very inconvenient because every time you open a file or folder must be busy with typing a password.

for us computer users is very important data so that every person who has the data will always try to keep data safe from interference perceived hands ignorant. Moreover, these data are confidential data.

Here is one way to avoid the reach of children from the secret files in order not to consume the children.

Follow these steps to hide a hard disk drive.

Prior to hide drives are advised to make a special drive to store files that are considered confidential, which will be hidden drive let's say the drive is drive D: \>

Suppose that the computer has 3 fruits such as drive A drive (Floppy disk), drive C (Hard Disk C) and Drive D (Hard Disk D)

Of the three drives that would be hidden on the D drive (hard disk D).

Way as follows:

Click the Start menu, Run and type gpedit.msc and press ENTER or click OK.
Click the + (plus) on the left User Configuration
Click the + sign on the left Administrative Templates
Click the + sign next to the left of the Windows Components
Click Windows Explorer
Double-click thesive Hide specified drives in My Computer
On the Settings tab select the Enable
Click OK

Close Windows Explorer and refresh or restart your computer and reopen Windows Explorer, then dive which had been hidden will not be visible.
Even if the file does not seem to drive but to open the drive is not difficult because only with type D: and then press ENTER then the D drive will appear.

A few tips from the blog Learning Computer Science this time to hide the drive and hopefully useful.

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