Sunday, December 21, 2008

Comparison of REGEDT32 and REGEDIT.

Most users who have been using Windows NT for a long time have used REGEDT32.EXE, the Windows NT Registry Editor. Windows 95 users, or NT users coming from a Windows 95 background, however, have always used REGEDIT.EXE. The good news is that both are included with Windows NT 4.0, and you can use either. Windows 95 users don't have a choice.

There are significant differences, however, in the features that each possesses. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and most NT users will end up using both. Table 10.1 compares REGEDT32 with REGEDIT.

Table 10.1. Comparison of REGEDT32 and REGEDIT

All handle keys available X X
Edit current Registry X X
Edit local NT Registry X X
Edit local 95 Registry
Remotely edit other NT Registries X X
Remotely edit other 95 Registries
Export and import hives X X
Export hives as text X X
Tiled view of multiple handle keys X
Copy key name available
Right mouse button support
Single-click cascading of folders
Print contents X X
Edit multiple string entries X
Security available on keys and values X
Auditing available on keys and values X
Search for keys X X
Search for values
Search for data strings
Read-only mode X
Change screen font X
Resource list entries as window X binary only

focuses more on the high-security, hardware-level editing, whereas REGEDIT.EXE is designed for ease of use and broad appeal. Most tasks you perform can be done in REGEDIT.EXE with no problem, and, in many cases, it can be done more easily and quickly than with REGEDT32.EXE.

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